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Anja's moody Christmas cookies

Karoline tends to get a little bit moody at night, especially if we are out of marzipan. So just because it’s Christmas I decided to cheer her up, and make some special Christmas cookies with the ingredients I had available.
Karoline is afraid of both sugar and butter, so it will have to remain a secret how little I used. If you decide you want to try to make these delicious cookies, you should not use this recipe, but rather make up your own or find one on the big O net.

X kg butter
X kg sugar
2 eggs
280 gram flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
Chopped nuts

Place all the ingredients in front of you, and make sure you have them all. I once forgot the flour and it was all just a big mess. I do not like to mess up my kitchen.

Begin with sugar and butter, just mix it until it is all a white Christmas in there. If you feel like making it more Christmassy, you could add a reindeer to the mix.

I used one of my mom’s old mixers, which she gave me when I moved to Hønefoss. Now I get why she gave it to me, it stops every two seconds and all the butter gets stuck. It did not help that I forgot that the butter should have room temperature, so I had to stand for fifteen minutes trying to get all the butter loose and into the bowl again.

Make sure everything stays in place.

I think very fast when I am in the kitchen, so I placed the bowl inside the oven for one minute, and it all got easier.

Add the eggs, one egg at a time.

Make sure everything stays in place. Oops.

Add some white powder.

Make sure you do not drop it into the bowl when you take the picture, the white powder should be mixed together with the flour.

Do NOT forget WHICH of the powders you accidentally dropped into the bowl.

Add the flour.

Make sure it looks like animals. The top on the left is a dog, the top on the left is a seal.

Add cinnamon. Do:


Now it should look a little something like this:

Here comes the hardest part:

Chopchopchop until your enemy drop

Chop an hour or two, let me see what you can do!!

Make sure your hand is on top of the knife

There will be men over board messing up the kitchen.

Do not worry if the pieces look chubby, size does not matter when you cook. They will blend in eventually.

Cinnamon and sugar bomb ready to explode.

Remove the paper you used the last time you did some doing.

Add new paper and adjust

Roll, roll, roll your boat,

And dip.


They only get bigger and bigger. That is not what matters, what matters is that YOU did it.


Anja’s "Christmess" cookies
Happy holidays!
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Are,  11.12.12 19:53

Fantastic!! This article is a perfect example of the mindset I strive for when I'm in the kitchen :D
Anja likes this
Camilla,  11.12.12 21:25

I think you mixed up the do/don't pictures on the cinnamon, though.

Also: the white powder goes some ways towards explaining why Karoline's Christmas obsession seems to have gotten worse while she has been living with you.

And finally: Does Karoline know what marsipan is made of?
Anja likes this

Anja,  11.12.12 22:22

Are: The sky is the limit.

Camilla: I love cinnamon too, but Karoline tells me that too much can be dangerous?
She claims to have made marzipan with you.
Camilla,  11.12.12 22:32

Tor also says too much cinnamon is bad. But we are talking a table spoon a day.

I have made marzipan with Karoline. Long ago. As I recall, I did all the work.
Tor,  11.12.12 22:48

I don't think I've said "too much cinnamon is bad", but I have said "I've read somewhere that too much cinnamon is bad". Not the same thing.

However, always eager to have accurate information, I did what any researcher looking at a new problem does, in this day and age, and had a look at wikipedia. It didn't say anything about cinnamon being poisonous, so I turned to Google. I found a few pages saying that "The Cinnamon Challenge", which consists of trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking, may be harmful because the cinnamon will dry out the mouth, which may lead to coughing and inhaling the cinnamon powder.

So my guess is that reasonable amounts of cinnamon are harmless, as long as you do like Bill Clinton: don't inhale.
Camilla, Anja likes this
Camilla,  11.12.12 22:52

Her er en link til en nrk-artikkel, hvor jeg tror jeg leste om det:
Mattilsynet slår kanel-alarm.
Anja likes this
Karoline,  11.12.12 22:56

Denne leste jeg for en stund siden.
Anja likes this

Karoline,  11.12.12 23:13

Og jeg fikk selvfølgelig ikke til å gjøre linken til en link engang. Fml. *Henter en Anja's moody Christmas cookie*
Tor, Anja likes this

Ulf,  13.12.12 13:17

Denne damen forteller deg alt du trenger å vite om kanel. (alternativ link-tekst: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness ...)