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New Year's resolutions

As usual, we are a small, but happy, bunch of people at Camilla's, celebrating New Year's Eve. Or, as Mary says, The Eve of the Earth Reaching an Arbitrary Point in its Orbit. Seriously, it's just a silly, social construct. And about an hour or so after midnight, Eivind B. started talking about New Year's resolutions. Feeling quite strongly that I have been a very bad blogger lately, I immediately jumped at the chance of a basically free post.

As we know, the probabililty of fulfilling a New Year's resolution increases if you tell people about it. Hence, I now publish the New Year's resolutions of all those present. Feel free to add your own, to share the group pressure effect.

Eivind B.

I'll start kickboxing and buy my own snowboard while preferrably not killing myself on the slopes. I´ll also go back to my 2008 level of healthy eating!


Become better at dancing tango. Or rather, begin dancing tango. And try to get friends together for happy gatherings more often. And look better naked. And drink more whisky. And make Trond Giske laugh.


I'll finish my PhD. And go to aikido practice. At least once.


Practice my saxophone at least twice a week, in at least 50% of the working weeks of the year. And do endurance training at least twice a week, in at least 50% of the working weeks of the year.


I'll do push ups, sit ups and endurance. And practice a lot, so that I might be able to get a black belt within ten years. And tantodori. And soft, high falls. And I want to become more efficient. Get things done, rather than just talking about getting things done. And learn to formulate intelligent New Year's resolutions.


I'll study more efficiently. And at least 25% of the books I read should be not in the science fiction or fantasy genre.


I'll go aikido practice on average three times a week while in Trondheim. And read more than 12 books in 2010. And maybe do the occasional push up.

-Tor Nordam


Anders,  01.01.10 04:04

Anders: I'll give my life value, ohh wait, no i will not. It will still be lame and boring. GRRRRR!!!

Skybert,  01.01.10 11:30

like! :D

Are,  02.01.10 13:23

Somehow I managed to not make a resulution concerning posting more on Calcuttagutta or making speedier progress on Calcuttagutta v 2.0. Curious!

Camilla,  02.01.10 19:58

I suspect you were too busy with the regular stuff, Are.