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Mad Men: First impressions, from a distance

About a week ago, madmen1I watched the first episode of Mad Men. After picking up on Battlestar Galactica when it was well into its third season and suffering terribly after following Jericho from episode 1 on to its cancellation after just one season, I've learnt that the only sensible way to watch TV is to let a 1-2 season buffer accumulate. You can watch the episodes at leisure, others have performed quality control and you are somewhat insulated against stupid networks cancelling fantastic shows (The Sarah Connor Chronicles being one example).

Thus, Mad Men has now become a prime TV dish for me - there are two seasons out there, it is critically acclaimed and they have more of the good stuff on the way. And having watched just one episode, I can say I was not disappointed.

This will read like a re-telling of the Wikipedia article and the praise the series has received from most quarters - sorry! - but hopefully some of you have watched more of the series and can provide genuniely insightful commentary in, you guessed it, the comment section.

The set designs - fabulous. madmen2 Characters - quite interesting. The drama - nice. Time epoch capture grade: 10/10. It's almost like a cultural version of going with the "white buses" to the Nazi death camps - "genocide was happening here just sixty years ago!". Only Mad Men relates how much smoking was going on and how ridiculous the treatment of women (sorry, "girls") was in the US in the sixties instead.

In short, great entertainment, and well worth checking out. Though I suspect many of you have already. Yes?

I will be going back to episode 2 - but perhaps only after I watch some more Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse or Battlestar Galactica, or one of the movies lying around. I got on the back foot in terms of TV entertainment during my university years and will probably never fully catch up.

By the way, I am pondering a tribute showing of the final episode of TSCC (OK, maybe the two final episodes!) during Christmas. Anyone interested?


Camilla,  24.08.09 22:02

Jeg har faktisk aldri hørt om denne. Nå må det sies at jeg ikke akkurat er på utkikk etter nye serier som kan ta over oppmerksomheten min. Tvert imot. Men når jeg har tid er det ikke umulig at jeg kommer til å kikke på denne. Jeg liker fine kostymer.

Camilla,  24.08.09 22:03

Forøvrig: Hva skjer, Are? To artikler på bare noen dager? Føler du deg helt bra?

Are,  25.08.09 22:42

Er det en klage? :)

Dette er skikkelig bunnsolid kvalitetsdrama. Nå begynner det å bli mye av den sorten, og serie-formatet er jo svært tidkrevende; det er et problem. Minner meg om at jeg ikke har sett Band of Brothers, som så mange har skrytt av.

Camilla,  29.08.09 11:51

Jeg klager ikke. Skriv gjerne flere.
Jeg har forøvrig fått beskjed fra annet hold også om at dette er noe man virkelig bør se. Det er rart hvordan jeg aldri hadde hørt om det før du postet artikkelen, og nå er det plutselig noe folk snakker om i helt andre sammenhenger.
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