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The great English opportunity

Given that somebody without informing the greater public has turned Calcuttagutta into an English website, I felt that as a student pursuing a superior understanding in the English language I should write some words to mark the occasion. I haven’t bothered to skim trough all of Calcutta’s articles to check how many of them are written in English, but I fear that that number is as low as the English-speaking people that frequent us, way less than a handful, bordering zero. And I believe that this makes it difficult for some of our non-Norwegian friends, who we wished could take a significant participation in Calcutta, to actually contribute anything.

How many articles have for example Matteus slaved trough with his dictionary, trying his best to understand our complex language only to eventually give up full of tears and then travel the world hiding his shame. And which of the Scots Camilla and Thor met in Edinburgh would have loved to read about our complex relationship with oil, brown cheese and whaling, I suspect all of them. But they are forced to read bastardised Babelfish versions, and then get frustrated and angry when the translation only talk about physics and insulting Kjelling comments. And who would blame them, a successful webpage can’t live on physics and insults alone even if the main contributor writes thousands of articles a week. No it needs an edge, something that makes it different, something that’s not mainstream like science and fun articles that’s as informing as Wikipedia.

This English-week I believe is the perfect way for us to create an edge, for how many Norwegian websites offers its readers an English version, only one (Aftenposten), and now it’s two. I therefore applaud Thor for his efforts to bring English readers into the warm embrace of our Calcutta inhabitants. I think we all have something interesting to share with the outside world, be it our love of literature, science or history of moustaches, except Acugmqxx he really is no good. But if there are any plans of a nynorsk-week or German-week you can all go and fuck yourselves, I haven’t forgotten the horrors of high school; we don’t need to accommodate those damn readers.


Jørgen,  21.11.07 13:56

knock knock...
who's there?
fuck off!

Ivar Aasen ist ein verficktes Arschloch, genau wie all seine verfickten Freunde, und ich bin froh, dass er gestorben ist. Aber die deutsche Sprache, ah! das sind ja ein sehr interesantes Sprache. Es klinget gut.

Tre språk på én gang. Det går jo ikke! Jeg var kanskje litt vel krass mot Ivar Aasen der, men jeg tror han hadde blitt glad hvis han hadde hørt meg si det på nynorsk.

馬鹿が偉人!! 尊王討幕!

Anders,  21.11.07 17:26

Ivar Aasen var en gretten jævel, jeg tror han ville brent ned skansegaten mens du sov, selv om du sa det på landsmålet.

Camilla,  16.10.08 21:43

When are we going to have another of these language-weeks? It does not have to be English alone. I am all in favour of variety (within limits, of course).

Matteus,  17.10.08 10:23

Swedish week should be a great idea.

Camilla,  17.10.08 11:14

Do you really want the lot of us to mangle your mother tongue?
Or will you take it upon yourself to write articles for the whole week?

Matteus,  17.10.08 11:23

Well, you could mangle my mother tongue, and there could be a prize for the best attempt. Although, it might be a good idea for me to commit to writing articles.

Camilla,  18.10.08 01:29