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Moldejazz 2018

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Moldejazz 2016

Moldejazz 2014, del III

Moldejazz 2014, del II

Moldejazz 2014, del I

Calcuttagutta goes Gaga

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Moldejazz: The Bård Watn experience

How I learned to stop worrying about Kaizers Orchestra and love SPUNK.


Is it really such a Black Friday?

Jazz at Lunchtime

Hot Chocolate at Ten

Jazz Festival day 6: Break of Day with Molvær

A Child Ballad Goes Eclectic

Jazz Festival evening 1: Farmers Market in Alexandraparken

Jazz Festival day 1: We are all Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra!

Sett på den plata … (en digresjon over Jesse James og Robert Ford)

Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra

We Will Rock You


Leonard Cohen

Melody Gardot

Eksamenslesning med Karoline

Musikklinjas julekonsert 2008

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nostalgi i sangform


Jazzfestival: dag 6 (Morgenkonsert)

Jazzfestival: dag 5 (en hel dag i parken)

Jazzfestival: dag 4 (minuspoeng til Alexandrakjelleren, og Ares kommentar til Romsdalsmuséet)

Jazzfestival: dag 3 (Romsdalsmuséet)

Jazzfestival: dag 2 (gratiskonsert på Veksthuset)

Jazzfestival: dag 1

Your favourite disco

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Da Mystery of Chessboxin'

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