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Summer time

I got up this morning, and felt quite pleased with myself for getting up relatively early on a Sunday, and I was ready to go to the office and put in some hard work. Unfortunately, this feeling lasted only until I had made breakfast and a pot of coffee, and sat down with my computer, whereupon I discovered that the time was already an hour more than I thought, and immediately the entire day felt wasted. I have therefore decided that summer time is a silly invention. Not only did it rob me of my momentum, which would, if left unchecked, probably have let me achieve great things, but it is also plainly very silly to call it "summer time" when the world outside my window looks like this:

Summertime, schmummertime

-Tor Nordam
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Camilla,  27.03.11 15:33

Vil det være galt av meg å sende deg bilder av solskinnet?


Tor,  27.03.11 15:46

Det vil være direkte uetisk.
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Christian,  27.03.11 20:40

Rusland har valgt å avskaffe DST, ettersigende fordi det skaper unødig stress to ganger om året.

In Mother Russia, daylight time saves YOU!