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The Pacific

Yesterday I went running in Golden Gate Park, which is about two-three kilometres wide and stretches seven kilometres from the sea into San Francisco. This is becoming something of a tradition for me when I go abroad - last weekend I ran in Hyde Park. The idea is that I see more of the city and its locals and have a decent shot at not deteriorating physically when on vacation.

It turned out there was a nice beach on the coast, so I got to dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean just like I did when going to Australia for studies in 2005. I appreciated the symmetry of doing the same, but from the opposite side.


You can see the track of the run on Endomondo:

I ran a bit barefoot on the beach and had a conversation with a girl who considered doing the same, but wanted to avoid blisters on the trip home. Yep, genuine interaction with locals! I think she thought me a local as well until we had exchanged a few words.

Preliminary verdict on SF: It's fantastic. (Picture Steve Jobs saying it.) Faaaan-tactic!


I am dying of jealousy (not the running bit). But I am glad you are having fun.

Is that the same girl as the one with the interesting notion of the Pacific?

Long beahes in grey weather - not wrong :)
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