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I've rewritten, updated and fixed various bits of the code, and here is a description of the way things should work. In principle. If you discover any discrepancies, please let me know.


You can choose the language you want for the page itself in your profile, currently available languages are Norwegian (bokmål) and English. If you are not logged in, the page will be shown in Norwegian if that is set as the preferred language in your browser, English otherwise. The categories will also be shown translated into this language. Note that there is only one set of cateories.

You can also choose the languages in which to display articles. Articles will naturally not be translated, so if you choose for example English, you will only see articles marked as English.


Tags now inherit language from the article. When you view the tag cloud, you will only see tags belonging to articles in the languages you have chosen. If you click a tag, you will only see articles in languages you have chosen, even though those tags might belong to articles in other languages as well. It is also relatively easy to make separate clouds for English and Norwegian tags (if you have chosen to see both), so let me know if anyone would want that.

Also, the tag cloud now loads about a bajillion times faster, because we now calculate the size each time a tag is changed and then store it, rather than calculate it for each tag when displaying the cloud.


It is now possible to create polls with as many choices as you like, limited only by memory available on your computer.

Old links to articles

I wrote a view which will redirect the old-style links to articles to the correct article. I considered writing a script to change all the links instead, but that would have involved some serious (for me) regular expression hacking, so I didn't. And the current solution has the added bonus that if any external webpage links to one of our articles, that link will still work.

Things to discuss

I feel that we should have a small discussion about the deletion of articles and comments. The policy on comments used to be that you could delete a comment if no one else had commented after you, and I feel that this is a good policy, in order to preservere context and meaning and stuff. I feel that a similar policy on articles, i.e. that you can't delete it if someone has commented, would be the best option. The reason is that if you delete an article with comments, you effectively delete those comments as well. So unless someone says otherwise, that is what I will do. Also, you will always be able to edit articles and comments, but people will be able to see that they have been edited, the exception being an article which is edited before publication.

Of course, you can currently un-publish an article, even if it has comments, which amounts to pretty much the same as deleting the article. Should this be allowed?

Future updates

I hope that with the latest updates, I have fixed most of the bugs and annoyances. As I have a PhD to write, I will now try to spend less time on developing, and more time doing actual work. However, Sunday will still be hacking day, so future updates will happen in the night, between Sundays and Mondays. Tiny fixes and fixing of major screw-ups are of course exempt from this.

-Tor Nordam


Tor,  28.07.10 22:34

Because I am curious, I have added a piece of code that will tell you if someone has found one of our articles from google, and if so, what did they search for. If an article has been found by a google search, the fact box on the right will contain this information. For your viewing pleasure, Camilla has created this example.