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Progress for the sake of progress

Just a short post to point out that even though development on the new version of calcuttagutta has been going relatively slowly lately, things are actually happening. The most recent changes are collapsible menu items in the archive section, and a way of adding articles to favourites (requires that you register and log in). All available for your viewing pleasure at

As usual, any comments, thoughts, opinions, etc. are appreciated.

Also, I have recently read some posts about people using matplotlib with django. It certainly opens up interesting possibilities for displaying statistics and the like. Perhaps a permanent feature on the front page, showing what percentage of the contents are written by me? (Although, if we measure by number of characters, rather than number of posts, it might well be that Camilla will beat me.)

-Tor Nordam


Tim,  08.06.10 19:14

Why not show both characters and posts?

Also, why just you? Why not show the top five posters, or all those with >=5%?

Camilla,  08.06.10 19:23

To keep everyone up to date:
Tor and I have been having a discussion on Presskanne.
It goes something like this:

Camilla: Tittel scmtittel
Du er flink.
Jeg liker veldig godt muligheten til å merke poster som favoritter. Og jeg liker arkivet. Selv om jeg kunne tenke meg å utvide det til også å vise titler på artikler.

Tor: Obligatorisk tittel
So you are in favour of optional titles for comments? It would make it slightly more elegant to display a list of comments if each comment had a semi-informative title, but I suppose it might be a bit annoying to always have to think one up.

Camilla: Re: Progress for sake of progress
Perhaps we could just dispense with titles? Do we need them for comments at all? Those who feel the need to create a heading can just do it with bold or something like that.

I might suggest something like the title of this comment as a default, but that would defeat the purpose in a forum style like this one.

Camilla,  08.06.10 19:24

Tim: I suspect Tor was joking about the displaying percentage written by him bit.

Tor,  08.06.10 19:46

I did indeed. It is a thing I do from time to time, to guilt other people into posting more often. I think it started here:

State of the blog address